Call for Applications 2012-2013

We are glad to announce that the selection process for the Call for applications of the India4EU II project, opened on 30th November 2012 and closed on 18th February 2013, is completed.

The Partnership received 1469 valid applications made by 828 candidates and closed within the call deadline. All India4EU II available scholarships have been awarded. At present no new call for applications is foreseen for the next years.

Valid applications have been evaluated and applicants are notified by the Consortium with an email message concerning the selection outcome. All candidates who are NOT listed in the Selection list below are to be considered as NOT SELECTED. Selection outcomes:

India4EU II Selection List application/pdf (90.12 kB)

Selections have been performed according to the criteria described in the Call for Application. You may appeal to the Consortium’s decision by writing to the Consortium ( within 7  days from the date of your notification email. The appeal must be documented with well justified reasons. The Consortium will reply within 40 days of your appeal.